Like a Storm Trooper - Gerrard Wilson

Like a Storm Trooper

By Gerrard Wilson

  • Release Date: 2015-05-28
  • Genre: Fantasy


Don’t get me wrong, George loved his wife, he loved her dearly, in fact he adored the ground she walked on. However, there was a problem; Martha, George’s beloved wife, SNORED.
For three long years George had struggled to overcome his weakness, the fact that he was an incredibly light sleeper.
Every night, after the happy couple had retired and kissed the other goodnight, George lay in bed awake, waiting, listening, fearing, wondering when the nightly performance would begin. Sometimes it started straight away, the very moment his wife’s sweet head touched her pillow. Other times it began much later, well into the wee small hours, after George, having tired of waiting for it to begin, had drifted off to sleep. However, the one thing that each night had in common was the undeniable fact that his wife – Martha – snored with as much force and ferocity as a Storm Trooper invading Poland.