The School Fete - Gerrard Wilson

The School Fete

By Gerrard Wilson

  • Release Date: 2015-04-24
  • Genre: Roman


Every year our school put on a Grand Summer Fete. It was the event of the year, just before school broke up for the summer holidays, and each and every pupil looked forward to it with great anticipation. As the time of the event grew closer, and the school rooms began to fill up with the many bits and bobs that were donated for the big day, we were barely able to contain our excitement. You see, St Ignatius was a small, old-fashioned primary school, where space was at definite a premium, so Sister Alexis, our headmistress, designated a part of each classroom to store the donated stuff. I call it stuff because that is what it actually was, stuff that people wanted rid of. But to us children, with our imaginations running wild with excitement, it was treasure.